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The Client States of Esharia

Unlike the many petty kingdoms in contact with Esharia there are also many Client States that officially became part of the empire in 333 AFM. Originally settled by the people of Hashat their culture is similar to that of the Esharians, although a few temporarily broke free and gained independence in the past, thereby establishing their own unique identities. Some of the more noteworthy ones are listed below.


Once a prosperous and independent kingdom, Leone realigned with Esharia during the 333 AFM war. Due to, what some would consider, the misfortune of being situated directly between Orrium and Esharia it was near impossible to stay neutral while the two great empires were at war. What was once a hotbed of trade between Esharia and Orrium became a battleground. After tolerating the ongoing conflicts for as long as they could it became abundantly clear that a side were to be picked if there were to be anything left of Leone at all. Fortunately for them, their loyalty paid off and they chose the winning side. In time they were also able to repair the damages from the war. Today they are content with their arrangement although they grow nervous at any hint of further war with Orrium. Many Esharian soldiers and mercenaries are encamped at all times, something which the citizens have mixed feelings about.


Vitorra is the most respected and spiritual of all other kingdoms and was also the first to become an official client state of Esharia. Due to its remote location, like the majority of client states, they were largely left to their own devices to govern themselves. However long before the 333 AFM war missionaries from The Wetlands visited on a spiritual journey. They found themselves in awe of the Vitorran gods while the people of Vitorra became enthralled by Esharian philosophy, as well as seeing the benefits of their continued friendship. Combined with the ever increasing need for protection from Orrium and the desire for their own people to learn the secrets of magic, they strove to keep good relations and graciously accepted their status as a client state. Today Vittora is known for its devout citizens and the high number of applicants it produces every year for the numerous universities in the kingdom.


Noastria became a client state of Esharia shortly after the 333 AFM war like many others, having been neutral up until that point. Having broken away in the past to improve their quality of life, they traded with both empires freely and loaned their highly skilled mercenaries to anyone with enough gold to pay. However this all changed after the then emperor of Orrium slighted them, angered by their aid in Esharia’s victory. The terrain in Noastria makes for poor farm land and the ocean traitorous for fishing so the sudden cease on trading with Orrium caused a great disturbance. Furious with Orrium they renewed their allegiance to Esharia who in turn welcomed them back warmly. Esharia helped Noastria to prosper while benefiting from their skills and resources. Many who excel in the military are trained by a Noastrian or visit as a rite of passage.

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