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This page exists to give you an idea of who each GM is, and which NPCs they've played. If you're not sure which GM you need to contact, just email the GM Team generally.

Jasper Rose

Name Description Pronoun Costume
Queen Ciara Halmid Queen of Esharia She/Her Blue Dress
Ieryn Maria Advisor to the Queen She/Her Furry Waistcoat
Theodosio Barros Orrin Ambassador He/Him Grey Shirt
Soren Diite Priest of the Bioship He/Him Black Cloak and Long-nosed Mask



Name Description Pronoun Costume
Zotto Tarqel Advisor to the Queen He/him White frilly shirt/dress
Chiedo Luzzada High Priest of the God of Yalcar Palace They/them Brown robe and spectacles
Exxxet De facto leader of the Carnevale, darling. Switches back and forth between he/him and she/her Patchwork-y coat, Silver necklace, hair up, lipstick in two colours.
SHADE Designation 780558 How may I be of assistance? I do not understand. How may I be of assistance? Mechanical eye
Gerta Elegatos Ikossian delegate She/her Light blue coat, hair down
Julian Valanquez A stranger He/him Black hooded cloak
GALATEA SHADE Prime Irrelevant. N/A - only contactable via SHADE
Kayla Kenworthy A broadcaster from the Signal They/them Leather jacket, sunglasses
Eshteri A member of the Bloom That is no concern of mine, human Scarves tied around wrists
Alba Leocadio d'Allacasta The Empress of Orrium She/her White shirt, hands tied behind back.



Name Description Pronoun Costume
Riccardo Diite The Diite heir He/him black half-cape, fancy shirt
Feeniks Life of the party He/they/she sleeveless shirt
Alessandra Diite Wife of the Grand Magnate She/her grey thing with fur trim (or sleeveless jerkin if warm)
Kraker Human Bloom convert they/them whatever urchiny stuff I can find



Name Description Pronoun Costume
Speaker An ambassador from the Infinite Whatever you prefer, human (default they/them) Blue smock
Turan Kinali A businessperson and confidante of Grand Duchess Morelli They/Them Velvet jacket, gold specs
Alessandra Bianchi The Overseer of Blackwall She/Her Black and gold jacket
Leopold Farnese Head of House Farnese He/Him red-blue jacket
QerrokAn ambassador from the BloomThat is no concern of mine, human (They/them by default)Goggles, Cape, Leather waistcoat
Madalena di GrecoAn awful, awful womanShe/herpurple coat
Mr. GuestA representative of the SignalHe/HimSuit & long black coat


Sam C

Name Description Pronoun Costume
Irina Kal Priest of the god of the Southern Oxbow. Religious Reformer She/Her Baggy Red Shirt
Mazn Garavali “Legitimate Businessman” from the Caves Murdered He/Him Yellow Half Cape
The Boss Something of a figurehead for the Clades in the Heights She/Her Scarf Covering One Eye
Francisco Roldén Merchant hailing from Orrium. Will sell anything to anyone. Totes dead He/Him Floral waistcoat
Ku Friendly member of Carnevale. Name is pronounced “Coo” (like a dove) Not picky The Reddest Hat
Georgio Diite Diite heir Fratricided He/Him Something fancy
Wayland Valentine Signal representative He/Him Shades


Sam H

Name Description Pronoun Costume



Name Description Pronoun Costume
Maria Puig Councillor and official aide to the Orrin ambassador for Esharia. She/Her Black and red dress
Grand Duchess Ciliano Morelli Head of House Morelli She/Her White scarf, white dress, hair in bun
Magdalana Farnese Hashar socialite She/Her White dress, flowers, hair down


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