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While there have been peoples living in the Esharian Peninsula, and the surrounding lands, for thousands of years, recorded history is understood to begin with the rise of a coastal city at the peninsula's tip. Known as Hashat, this city and its inhabitants would come to dominate first their neighbours, before the entire known world around the Qeltan Sea. They absorbed nearby countries into the Federation Under Hashat through ties of trade and patronage, and crushed the First Empire of Orrium, through martial and magical might. Though their power would wane, and then crumble completely over the next 500 years, their legacy would be picked up by the Royalty of Esharia: a worthy child indeed. Though, in this age of inheritance, the Empire of Orrium has also been reborn across the Heart Sea and a generation's challenges seem to have been passed to their children.

— Foreword to A Concise Esharian History


Before First Monarch (BFM)

Two great societies grow from the humblest of origins, on opposing sides of the Heart Sea. These are the Federation under Hashat, controlling its allies from the peninsular city of Hashat, and the Empire of Orrium, sitting as an impassive power block in the North. As these things often are, the two powers came into fatal conflict, and though it nearly destroyed both of them the Orrin lands were absorbed into the Federation. This Federation soon fell to near civil war, and emerged from the brink with a King at its head.


After First Monarch (AFM)

The Federation grows rapidly to control near the entirety of the Qeltan Sea. Then it begins a slow decline into internal bickering. That which belonged once to Orrium regains its independence, and soon after the Federation itself crumbles into civil war. It would never recover under that name.


Esharian Era (EA)

The Toqare House emerges victorious in the war, and part of them branch to become a new line of Monarchs. While it appears that the times of tumult are passing, the Empire of Orrium begins to reform itself in the North. Things continue to change, as history always does.


Map of the Qeltan Sea

The brown lines on the map above broadly show the borders between different countries around the Qeltan Sea. The map is broadly similar in scale to the real-world Mediterranean, and any place shown in this map could be traveled to in an action. Whether you have the means to actually get there is another issue: e.g. you may not be able to waltz into the capital of Orrium without permission even those it is feasible to get there. Outside this map people do exist, and the Esharians are aware of them, however there is very little world building and no plot here, so the GM team would as that you do not try to go beyond this in your actions.

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