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Example Turnsheet


  • Action 1 Use orphans to infiltrate the thieves guild
  • Action 2 Weaselling out of a duel
  • Action 3 Wining and dining the Ikossian Ambassador

Action 1


I want to take the orphans I developed last turn and have them infiltrate the Red Flag pirate fleet.


Using my keen understanding of criminal etiquette I'm going to train the orphans I developed to infiltrate the Red Flag pirate fleet. As this is a somewhat unseemly endeavour I'm going to try to keep this away from prying eyes (and obviously away from the fleet spies!). My retainer Renault will use his cooking skills make sweets to motivate the orphans.

Relevant Skills / Items / Quirks
  • Etiquette (outstanding): knowing how to fit in and follow the various underworld social norms
  • Etiquette Specialisation: pirate customs
  • Strategy (accomplished): figuring out how best to get my spies into the thieve's midst
  • Stealth (accomplished): hiding my activities
Other Characters / NPCs Involved
  • Cooking [retainer, Renault]: making sweets to motivate the orphans
  • Orphans: (Acquired last turn sheet) they're going to be the spies.

Action 2


I'm going to use my performance skill to feign terrible illness so that my bodyguard can fight the duel for me without me losing face.


Using my theatre training, I'm going to give an Oscar worthy performance to convince onlookers and bystanders that I have unfortunately been afflicted with a terrible plague. I will make a great show of trying to stand ready to duel, but will ultimately collapse from fever. “Reluctantly” I will allow my body guard Rosa to fight in my stead.

Relevant Skills / Items / Quirks
  • Performance (outstanding): feigning my illness
  • Combat (ineffectual): If my rouse fails, I'm going to be massacred
Other Characters / NPCs Involved
  • Maria: Challenged me to a duel
  • Rosa: My retainer, hopefully will be fighting in my stead

Action 3


To further my efforts to make Ikoss a client state, I will be hosting ambassador Ivan.


Using my knowledge of etiquette I will win over ambassador Ivan by putting on an Ikossian style feast. Novo will be providing the food, and Orthos will be providing security for the event. Once he is in a good mood I will use my knowledge of strategy to show him how Ikoss cannot stand alone and the many benefits of Ikoss becoming a client state of Esharia.

I will have Renault assist Novo, and Renault will try the food to make sure it's not poisoned (I do not fully trust Novo).

Relevant Skills / Items / Quirks
  • Etiquette (outstanding): Faithfully recreating an Ikossian style feast
  • Performance (outstanding): In case an Ikossian feast requires any kind of performance?
  • Strategy (accomplished): showing Ivan the many military benefits of Ikoss joining Esharia
Other Characters / NPCs Involved
  • Novo: Providing the food
  • Renault: Assisting with the food, tasting it for poison
  • Orthos: Providing the troops for the security detail

Minor Actions

  • Give Alexi the secret pirate codes they asked for.
  • Check in on Nicolo to make sure he's still doing fine.
  • Send a polite letter to Antonio telling him I hope he dies of the plague, but if not, he's invited to next season's ball.
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