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Petty Kingdoms

Did I ever tell you of the time we captured an Ikossian vessel?

You've never seen such disbelief, or so much gold.

  • Petty Officer Elissa, of the Flower of Hashat

There are many different petty kingdoms that Esharia has occasionally crossed paths with. There are, however, only four it has had many interactions of real significance with. The petty kingdoms are known to act as something of a political weathervane, as they like not dying so will tend to back whoever currently appears to be strongest.


Kiptira don’t believe in the existence of any gods. It is widely believed in Esharia (and in a number of other countries) that this is why their tech level isn’t great. Esharia has never had any official alliance with them due to their atheism. Esharia does trade with them, though, because traders deal where there’s profit. Kiptira are the most prolific farmers of Kalimus which is very sought after and money talks. Regular consumption of the Kalimus fruit is widely believed to improve one's magical ability.

Kiptirans think Achosim are credulous and irrational.

As with most nations, they're on reasonable terms with Cartremetum.

They ignore the disdain of the Ikoss, as it means they can often make major profits on trades as Ikoss refuse to believe they could have any talent for negotiation.


Ikoss have a very regimented and effective military. They thus make a good ally to any nation that can form an alliance with them. Their military skill is why Esharia has never successfully absorbed them. They are, however, a fairly small nation, which means they have never had sufficient troops to conquer Esharia. There have been a number of, ultimately unsuccessful, attempts on both sides going back centuries. They are situated fairly close to Orrium, which probably explains their views on religion and their frequent tensions with Esharia.

They view those of Achosim as conceited and dangerously self-absorbed.

They see Cartremetum as lesser than themselves but acceptable to trade with and profit from.

They find Kiptira's views laughable, but will happily trade with them. This is because they can use the Kalimus fruit to strengthen their family.


Achosim agree that every place has a god, but they figure that therefore every person should be a priest. They therefore view Esharia as insufficiently pious. For this reason, they may occasional make alliances of convenience with Esharia, but would never consider becoming a client state.

Their view on personal priesthood has led them to have a far more individualist approach then Esharia, and they view the Orrin and Ikoss conception of family with outright disdain.

They never have any official interactions with Kiptira, and even amongst the criminal underclass, only the lowest of smugglers would ever trade with them for Kalimus fruit.

Cartremetum are the most acceptable to them, as, whilst its people have a different outlook, they are at least willing to pay lip-service to the Achosim view when their traders interact.


Cartremetum is mostly known as a trading nexus. They don’t produce much of worth themselves, but tariffing means they are relatively well off. They also lack any real national military, but between their ability to hire mercenaries, and no one wanting them to belong to anyone else, they’ve always managed to keep their independence.

Cartremetum are proud of their ability to be on at least neutral terms with all significant powers. This is primarily due to Cartremetians tendency towards polite diplomatic fictions.

Given this, it is perhaps no surprise that they are the kingdom that gets on best with Esharia.

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