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The Wetlands

They're arrogant, condescending and smug. But you know the worst thing about them?

Damned if they aren't generally right.

—An unknown general about the inventors of the Wetlands

The south-east region of Esharia is known as the Wetlands. It is primarily known for its tendency to take the technological lead, and the proliferation of priests.

As is implied by the name, the Wetlands is covered in rivers and canals. In between these, and indeed sometimes built over these, are cities. There are some villages, but the affluence of the area and the focus on technology means that an ever increasing amount of the Wetlands is given over to urban environments.

People of the Wetlands


The nobles of the Wetlands are, as a whole, not the most practical of folk. They have always lived amid affluence, on the cutting-edge of technology. They therefore assume that those who don't should either move to the Wetlands or stop complaining.

Great House Diite

The head of the Diite is Grand Magnate Luca Diite. They tend to focus on matters of politics and state. They are enabled to do this by their wife Alessandra who controls and commands the Wetlands navies and is widely considered a strategic genius. Their husband Marco lives a more private life, and is thus the one who spends most time with their children.

The Diite are well aware that most of the advancements in Esharia originate in the Wetlands or from Wetlanders. They are, perhaps understandably, often rather smug about this.

They have sponsored multiple universities in the Wetlands over the years. This is partly to plaster their name(s) everywhere and partly so they can claim that they (not the waterways) are the reason for the innovations that the Wetlands produces.

Religion in the Wetlands

The number of priests has lead to Wetlanders often being especially enthusiastic about improving their area to improve their gods which has inspired many to seek technological advances.

Its reason for having so many priests is because its high number of rivers and canals. These have meant that it has always had more gods than any other area, due to there being so many natural boundary lines.


The network of rivers are very useful for efficient transportation infrastructure, which has facilitated getting all the things required for technological advancement in one place. This has lead to people interested in advancement going there, and the whole thing loops.

The fact that there are so many waterways has also naturally lead to there being being a maritime focus to many of the advancements. These are very useful to Esharia’s navy, which also leads to more funding and interest, which leads to ability to make more advancements, which again forms a positive feedback loop.

Recently a few of the inventors have created a wheel-lock firing mechanism. If they ever work out how to produce it rapidly in large quantities, it could revolutise marine warfare.


Aggrianda is the most notable of the Wetlands' universities. All of the Diite study there before they are considered worthy for responsibilities. This of course means that all other nobles wish their children to study there, both for the prestige, and the chance of meeting and marrying a Diite.

Any upwardly mobile Wetlanders will also send their children there, sometimes training them from childhood in the hope they'll prove worthy of a scholarship.

People of Note

Grand Magnate Luca Diite

The head of the Diite is Grand Magnate Luca Diite. They are known for being skilled at governing and political maneouvering.

Alessandra Diite

The Wife of the Grand Magnate. A talented military commander who takes the lead in running the Wetlands navies.

Marco Diite

The husband of the Grand Magnate. If you're looking to win the hand of any of the Diite children, you want him on side.

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