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This page is designed to be a brief overview and point of reference for the setting of Firmament. It should hopefully be sufficient to get you up to speed about the broad strokes of elements within the game. It will serve well as a quick reference sheet, but for more detail and flavour on the setting, please feel free to read the other setting pages. That being said, it is not necessary for you to read the entire wiki to play the game. Read the bits which interest you, and the rest should come out in play.

The Royalty of Esharia

The Royalty of Esharia is the country in which the majority of Firmament is set. It is the successor of an ancient civilisation, the Federation Under Hashat, and today is one of the foremost powers in the known world. It is built of a collection of noble houses and their owned lands, tied together by old bonds of blood under the rule of the Halmid monarchs, though their claim to that blood is not as strong as it once was.

The Heights, House Morelli

The Heights is a mountainous region to the south of Esharia, and is the primary domain of one of the Great Houses, House Morelli. Is is the resourceful heart of Esharia.

The Plains, House Toqare

To the West are The Plains, where the Great House Toqare resides. Less urbanised than a lot of the rest of Esharia, the rolling fields here are used to grow the country's food supplies, and house the peasants who do the growing.

The Wetlands, House Diite

To the East are The Wetlands. They are known for the propagation of gods, and of priests, and for being the primary source of invention and industry in the country. These are often interlinked. Here, Great House Diite reigns.

Client States

Hashat sent out many child cities into the world during its height. Though all of these that were not on the Esharian mainland gained their freedom as its power waned, some were convinced to again swear loyalty to Esharia in return for support and protection, and become clients.


At the Northernmost tip of Esharia lies its capital, Hashat. This city once ruled over a Federation that claimed rulership over all the lands surrounding the sea. But its power has dwindled, and now is merely the first city among many in Esharia. Here trade (and everything that comes with it) is run under the watchful eye of House Farnese. Things that come from Hashat are known as Hashar (e.g. the Hashar people)

Yalcar Palace

At the highest point of Hashat lies the old palace of the monarchs of Hashat, and of Esharia. It is still used by the Queen to this day, and is one of the focal points for politics in the country.

The Gatherings

Twice a year, the Queen holds great Gatherings to draw together those who owe her loyalty. These are great celebrations, as well as times to meet with fellows and to plan. OC: These are where the sessions take place.

Queen Ciara Halmid

The current Queen of Esharia. Already a widow, and heirless, she is nonetheless a formidable ruler.

The Empire of Orrium

Esharia's old enemy. The rival civilisation that grew in tandem with Hashat across the sea. They were crushed in a great war many centuries ago, and have strived ever since to regain their old power. Some may say that in recent years they have. Things that come from Orrium are known as Orrin (e.g. the Orrin Armies)


Esharia is a land of many gods. Each place (some large, many more small) has its own god which is a reflection of that land, and no two gods touch the same place. They are tended to by priests who seek to Understand their gods through meditation, and seek to improve their gods through improvement of their very environment.


Magic is an old art developed by the Hashar people (according to known history). It allows the manipulation of the world around you using nothing more than the magician's will. Though it has been a long time since the first tomes on magic were written they are, to this day, the true standards on the matter.

The Breach

Recently, a strange tear has been observed in the sky in The Heights, and a number of mysterious objects have passed through. At this point, nothing more is known.

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