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Where And When

Session for Firmament will be held between 7.30pm and 10.00pm in the Vernon Harcourt Room in St. Hilda's College every Tuesday of Trinity Term 2018 (24th April - 12th June). The first 7 weeks will all be regular sessions (note that unlike the MT/HT game, we do not have a character generation session), and the last week (12th June) will be a debrief session where we wrap up the game and reveal all our juicy secrets we've been keeping from you since the beginning.


The Vernon Harcourt Room is at the top of two flights of stairs - one small, one of moderate size. There is no lift. There are toilets that can be accessed from the room without having to go up or down stairs. We attempted to book a more accessible room but were unfortunately unsuccessful. If there's anything the GM team can do to help you access the game more easily, please do let us know.

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