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Dearest Friends and Peers,

I can only say it is as true as I have seen it with my own two eyes, aged as they may be. In these last few weeks, as the dying gasps of wintertide gave way to spring, there has been an energy in the air: a thinness . It at first may have only been considered the shifting of the gods, or acts of some unknown sorcery, but it grew and grew until even the lowest of beasts raised its head in anticipation of the cataclysm that was to come. No cataclysm though, not something so earthly. Yet instead the very firmament above our heads was torn asunder, and so passed through these colossi.

I have studied our history from the earliest days of Hashat, and the great federation that grew under it, through to the recent recreation of a Royalty to span all of Esharia. Never in my time, nor in the times of my forebears who were so fortunate to have recorded their ordeals upon stone, parchment, or paper, have I seen nor heard of the likes of these.

I can offer no more advice, for to do so lacking so much understanding as I do in the moment of writing this letter would be insult indeed. However, you may count as solid as gold my assurance that I will remain where I am and observe until such time as the Queen calls us to meet and revel. I anticipate it much more greatly this year, and am anxious to consult you in person: we must be prepared for what these new people of the firmament bring.

Secia Morelli, of The Heights


Firmament is the Trinity 2018 Society Game for Oxford University Roleplaying Games Society. Players will play important inhabitants of the Royalty of Esharia as they attempt to deal with the world shaking knowledge that they are not alone in the universe and that an unknown people has torn open the sky above their country. As the Empire of Orrium in the north shows signs of aggression, and the expectations of the past lay heavy on Esharia, all cannot be dropped to deal with this new problem.

The game is a broadly heroic and pulpy PvE game, with the themes of family, self-realisation, and the shadows of past glories. While the GMs have drawn inspiration from a wide variety of themes, and no setting like this would be complete without Machiavellian palace intrigue, the game should never slip into grittiness and grim darkness. More details about themes and inspirations can be found in the Style Guide.


Sessions for Firmament will run on Tuesdays, 7.30pm-10.00pm in the Vernon Harcourt Room in St. Hilda's College (See Where and When). Sessions will begin at 7.30pm but players are free to arrive from 7.00pm.

As ever, details of the Setting and System for the game can be found using the menu on the left. If you are new to roleplaying, we recommend you first take a look at this Introduction page.

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