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Abra Gualtieri - Declan J


“Commodoro Gualtieri, back on his old patrol? This sounds to me like the start of a bad joke. I will not have that man strutting about, with his chest puffed out, across my quayside. And with so little to be proud of! I needn’t tell you about the man’s deplorable morals – you must have heard of his time in Ikoss. He’s naught but an up-jumped corsair in a rich Wetlander’s clothing, who butchers and loots as he pleases. Find somebody with nothing to lose from this ugly business – they can quarter his ships!”

“Your judgement is as sound as ever, Warden – can I not persuade you all the same? After three days of your misery, he will be gone from our shores for as long as the Palace sees fit…”

- overheard at the Hashar docks


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