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Lisabetta Della Quattro Torre - Jen M



Lisabetta della Quattro Torre was born into relative obscurity in the Wetlands, though her family are eminently respectable and she was sent to school at some cost. At school she was a sad disappointment as far as invention went—but she discovered her voice.

Quickly she became notable in the Wetlands, and then soon in the surrounds, for the power of her performance, and the general good will and energy she exudes. There are vague rumours—only vague, and nothing scandalous—of a Svengali-like figure in her past, but Lis (pronounced Leese) laughs it off, as she does so many other things. She did acquire two retainers, who attempt to direct their ward’s apparently boundless energy. Now she is based in Hashat.

Some say she is divinely touched, for no voice can be that pure, nor can the heart which powers it. And it is true that Lisabetta has Romantic Notions.

Her retainers, however, do not.

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