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Lorenzo Diite - Dave S



A natural businessman with a passion for sailing, Lorenzo built a small endowment into one of the largest merchant fleets on the Qeltan sea.

The phrase “as rich as Lorenzo” has become slang for extreme wealth, and court gossip is always rich with speculation and gossip related to his latest investments or patronages. One of his more recent fancies has had him patronise skilled young shipwrights, but he has been known to fund many esoteric and eccentric plans over the years.

Though Lorenzo used to captain ships himself, his ailing health has kept him mostly land-bound, with a lot more free time to enjoy the fruits of his labour and indulge his curiosity. Sadly he does not yet have family to share them with - having eschewed romance while building his trade empire - but his wealth and status make him one of Esharia's most eligible bachelors.

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