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Turn 1 News

Alien Ship Planted in Wetlands

Following deliberations at the Palace, attended by delegations from all corners of the Royalty, the seed of the bioship has been planted near the city of Perano in the Wetlands. The land near Perano (the city belonging to Antonio Vestris), has reportedly started to change as the ship has grown, but the extent and the implications of these changes are not yet known.

Shortly after the planting of the seed, the Masquerade ball organised by the de Fabio Diites was held in the grounds surrounding it. Many were waiting to see what effect this would have on the ship: the Fleet's reports were that the seed would grow according to the culture that was fed to it. According to those who attended the ball, the ship spoke its first word, though it was more like a word placed in the mind by magical means. And the word was: Perform.

The Fleet: Spotter's Guide

The fleet are making themselves known, and it is becoming easier to distinguish those of one Ship from another. The following information has been spreading out from the Capital and the Heights in elaborate Chinese whispers:

If you're talking to a beautiful yet blank-eyed figure accompanied by black-robed figures with strange machinery in place of a face, these are the Infinite, from the ship of the same name. They are scientifically curious, seemingly harmless, and have their Ship hovering over the newly planted Bioship in the wetlands.

If you meet someone exuberant, brightly-dressed, and keen on new sensations, mischief, and partying, this is probably one of the Carnevale, whose ship - again, of the same name - has no fixed abode.

Creatures that look roughly human but for a metal implement in their eye are known as Shades. Or maybe SHADEs? They seem to pronounce it strangely. They come from the Vessel, the tiniest ship in the Fleet, which is - very slowly - en route to Hashat.

The ones that look human, but dress strangely and wear strange glasses are called the Signal, apparently. They've kept themselves to themselves so far, their ship - an angular, metallic thing - remaining in the Heights.

Lastly, there are supposedly a group called the Bloom, whose ship, the Lifegiver, has submerged itself in the Qeltan sea for reasons unknown. These creatures apparently look frighteningly inhuman, and are said to provide security for the Fleet - perhaps we shall see them soon?

Masquerade a Great Success!

The masquerade ball held by Cece de Fabio Diite was by all accounts the event of the season. Dancing, wine, vaguely unsettling plays, scandal, murder - it had it all!

The play performed there, The Phantom of Truth (Written by Cristoforo Marlo at the bequest of Penoro Scordato; starring Arianna Vestris, Cece de Fabio, Lorenzo 'The Waterlily' Diite, and Ashenya Toqare; special effects by Mada Avdali) was also widely successful. Viewers reported it was 'profoundly upsetting on an existential level, but in the best possible way' and that they 'would probably have trouble sleeping tonight.'

EXCLUSIVE SCOOP: An anonymous contributor reports that Monte de Fabio Diite danced (quite impressively) without the use of his cane! Is he as ill as he seems?

The party was also reportedly witness to the bioship seed's 'first word' - attendees reported a strong psychic impression being sent out towards the end of the night!

Esharian Currency Crash

Fontaine square was devastated by the worst riot Hashat has seen in twenty in years after a member of the Carnivale delivered a large amount of gold right on the doorstep of the Farnese Bank. As a result, the economy is in free-fall - to the distress of merchants everywhere.

Council of Priests Called

Ciara Halmid, Queen of Esharia has called for a council of the priests of the Royalty to discuss matters of how the priesthood should respond to the presence of the Fleet. Given rising tensions between religious factions across the land, this is looking likely to be one of the most important councils in recent years.

Empress of Orrium Crowned

Empress Alba Leocadio D’Allacasta has been crowned Empress of Orrium once more. According to those who were there for the coronation, the event was marred by an attack on the ship carrying the aunt of the Empress to Orrin shores. Furthermore it is reported that the attacker flew Esharian colours. What this will do for already frosty relations between the two can only be guessed at.

The Gods Embodied?

Dark murmurings have been spreading around the northern parts of the heights, as well as the lands immediately surrounding Hashat. There are now people who say that the Fleet are not visitors from another world at all, but in fact manifestations of the most powerful gods in Esharia. This has been roundly denounced by the Priesthood, and how much this is actually believed rather than just said is yet to be determined, but most people agree on the point that they had heard this theory from Hyrum, Priest of the God Below.

The Magpie Strikes Again

The master thief known only as the Magpie has struck the Farnese mansion! An incredibly valuable bottle of wine was lifted, replaced with an empty bottle stuffed with magpie feathers - the thief's telltale calling card. When will this fiend be stopped?


  • Jaco Scalbi is dead: his ship got annihilated at sea when he attacked one of the alien vessels!
  • Abra Gualtieri reportedly open-fired on an Orrin ship last time he ventured out! Is he trying to start a war?
  • You know the play at the Masquerade? They say Arianna Vestris played a key role in organising it! What a feat!
  • The courts tossed Francisco Roldén in prison for trying to attack Lorenzo Diite's shipping lanes. Some people are saying he's an Orrin agent, but the courts say there's no evidence for this.
  • Your money is safer under your mattress than in the Farnese bank.
  • “Who keeps stealing wine?!”
  • Dashing and celebrated playwright Prospero Fontana was spotted brawling with other dashing and celebrated playwright Malvolio Fortuna. Will this deplorable behaviour sour his attempts to win the Queen's ear?
  • Cece and Monte de Fabio Diite are making remarkable progress regarding diplomatic relations with the Breachers. Wink.
  • Did you hear that Lorenzo Diite - no, the one known as the Waterlily - has been seen sneaking around at night in the company of a strange masked figure? Yes, this was just before the masquerade, but there was something a little… odd about the pair of them.
  • The heightsfolk are saying that the expedition was managed by a (almost entirely) reliable and honourable selection of leaders, and note that the party paid fair prices for their board and supplies. This talk has generated positivity towards the expedition's munificent sponsor, Lorenzo Diite.
  • Diego Aidi was seen trading a large quantity of vintage wine to someone from the Caves. Isn't he an academic, not a merchant?
  • Florizel Diite, apparently unable to handle his drink, left the masquerade early and in a hurry. The slightly green tint to his face clashed horribly with his outfit.
  • I've heard down at the market that there are masked men going around beating up criminals in the Plains.
  • Is it me, or are there more masks around than there used to be?
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