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Turn 3 News

Sepulchre Defeated

The force of encaged outsiders known as The Sepulchre have finally been put to rest. A combined force of heroes from across Esharia engaged with these monstrosities in a twin attack outside the cities of Stormhalt, in the Heights, and Teunus, in the Wetlands. Despite the eventual, complete destruction of the Sepulchre, both armies have taken significant casualties, and large portions of the cities are smouldering wrecks. Thanks are given to Balthazar Rise, Abra Gualtieri, and Arianna Vestris for organising the defense of Esharian lands.

Enemies at the Gates

The Orrin armies have been able to progress far through the straggling Petty Kingdoms to the East of Esharia, as well as our Clients. Despite the valiant efforts of a number of the Esharian commanders, the army has pushed right to the border of Leone and is bearing down on the Wetlands. In a desperate attempt to deter the invading armies, trenches have begun to be build along Leonese lands to fortify the Esharian position. Things seem bleak. To make matters worse, reports are coming of the Wetlands that most of their armies and navies are standing down and not enaging with the Orrin forces. The reason for this remains a mystery.

Nobility Shaken

A huge earthquake has shaken the Plains just this last week, with structures crumbling and collapsing up and down the slopes. Since the sudden tremor, smoke has been seen billowing from the peak of Mount Sopra. With the casualty counts rising, almost all of which are Nobles, no-one knows whether worse is yet to come.

The Dragonfly Triumphs

Many in the Wetlands have been falling prey to the poisons of a mysterious villain known as Nightshade over the past few months. Fortunately, the hero known only as the Dragonfly has stopped her in her tracks, leaping into her lair and engaging in a frenetic, furious fight! Eventually, the Dragonfly cleverly lured the malevolent herbalist into her own poison. She is now in custody - another victory for the fantastic Dragonfly!

Dragons of Esharia

Former Captain Jaco Scalbi is back to being a captain again. He's raised a pirate fleet calling themselves the “Dragons of Esharia”. The Dragons and the Silver Pikes of Ashtoreth (who were led by Ithobal) went off to fight the Orrin invasion and managed to slow them down enough that they're only on the border of Leone instead of marching into Esharia.

Orrin Sneak Attack Thwarted

The combined efforts of Captain Balthazar Rise, and the mysterious Dragonfly, were successful in fending off an Orrin sneak attack on the palace. Allegedly the invaders had accurate maps of palace!

A Rumbling from Below

Smoke and steam have been seen billowing from Mount Sopra in the plains after the area was wracked by a catastrophic earthquake! No word yet as to the amount casualties but most people are predicting a high death toll.

Georgio Diite wins Lorenzo's Contest!

He submitted a new highly advanced alchemical rifle he invented, dubbed a “longbow” (because that's totally not confusing at all). Mada Avdali came in second place with auto-injecting protective potions inside amulets. There are some grumblings that of course a Diite won a Diite sponsored contest, but Georgio's rifles are undeniably really freaking powerful.

Cinemas Open Across Esharia - Surprising Sights

A number of 'cinemas' - technological marvels of moving pictures - have appeared across the Royalty, thanks to Monte de Fabio and the Signal. They show a number of things including what are reported to be genuine Signal dramas. Most notably though is the occaisional view into a number of manors across the land, including the Palace! These appear to be showing action in real time, and many people are concerned that they are being watched.

Ernesto Barrato and Catalina Nadasy - Torturers!

One of these streams was shown for a very short time before being cut off, seemingly by the Signal themselves. It shows a darkened room with a number of people tied to surgical tables. What happens then is not immediately obvious, but from the screams heard, and the glints of metal seen in the hands of the two identifiable people, it appears to be a genuine torture scene. What happened after the stream was terminated, however, is not known.

The Bioship continues to Grow

The Bioship outside of Perano continues to grow undettered, having been protected from the destructive ire of the Sepulchre. It has taken in both land and resident peoples and now is about the size of the average Esharian town in both extent and the number of people living within.


  • I hear that Cece de Fabio Diite’s hair’s insured for 10,000 silver pieces.
  • I heard Monte de Fabio does chariot commercials in Achosim
  • Someone was murdered at the Farnese ball. All their teeth have been taken!
  • I heard the visitors can see someone's SOUL, just by looking at them!
  • A terrifying jester saved me from an inferno
  • The Magpie is none other than Daieni Morelli
  • Have you heard of the Barrel Theatre? It's amazing!
  • House Diite are planning on attacking the capital of the heights, taking advantage of the Morelli's weakened state.
  • The Dragons of Esharia are not just attacking Orrin vessels, but also Diite ones
  • The ongoing turmoil and Sepulchre attacks have brought the di Greco family to the brink of bankruptcy! They say the creditors are moving in.
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