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Turn 4 News

A New Visitor?

As you will have all no doubt seen, there is a new black ship that hangs above the Qeltan sea. Its purpose and intention are currently unknown, and the Speaker of the Fleet claims to know nothing about it.

Diites Now (probably) Less Treasonous

The (now former) Grand Magnate Luca has been exiled to Vitorra, along with Monte de Fabio Diite . No one is sure who the next Grand Magnate will be, though Lorenzo (not The Waterlily) looks to have a good chance.

Yalcar Palace Destroyed

Courtiers and citizens of Hashat were shocked to say the least when Yalcar Palace suddenly collapsed, leaving it in ruins. The restorers are yet to comment as to how this came about but investigations are still in progress. It also remains unclear how many were killed or injured during the incident.

The Queen is adamant that such a triviality will not stop traditions which have stood for centuries. The next Gathering will be in Yalcar all the same.

The End of the Fixer

Ernesto Barrato, known to many in Esharia only as the Fixer, has reportedly met his end in the Imperial Palace in Allacasta. By this point he had, through unknown means, achieved a truly demonic visage and was last seen in combat with a great number of the imperial guards - holding his own for longer than anyone would have imagined.

Orrin Empress in Custody

A daring team of Esharian citizens recently raided the Imperial Palace in Allacasta. In an incident thought to be connected to the Fixer's death, a series of explosive distractions were provided that allowed a small group to enter the palace and make their way out with none other than Empress Alba herself as captive! Orrium has yet to issue any word on the matter, but this will surely have hampered their war efforts.

Giorgio Diite Missing

Giorgio Diite, who was to be heir to the Diite family has not been seen in many weeks. Given the reaction of some of the family to this occurrence, many have assumed that Giorgio has met an unpleasant end. Still, no body has appeared, and no official line has been pushed. What this has to do with the subsequent action taken against the leaders of the Diite insurrection has yet to be seen.

Paolo Dolce - Murderer!

News has come from out of the Plains, regarding a number of murders and disappearances in the area.

“Dr Dolce is a murdering psychopath who cannot be trusted. He is stripped of his title as Head of the Gilda di Dentisti, and with his name and face known across the land, it’s surely only a matter of time before he is found and brought to justice.”

Trouble In the Plains

Combining both the rallying of The Resistance around the known murder and tooth stealer Dr. Paolo Dolce, as well as the full eruption of Mount Sopra, it seems unlikely that the region is going to calm in the forseeable future. Fortunately, Grand Duke Magno Toqare was able to escape the destruction.

Bloom in the Heights

Following an invitation by the family di Greco, and some of the Clades clans, the Bloom have seen to be building a new colony in the Heights. The discussion with the Bloom leaders was lead by Camilla di Greco and Bella Ciao, and the joining (or transition as some have been calling it), looks to have been peaceful.

Diite/Carnevale Wedding A Success!

Only two people died! And no one really that important.

Earthquake at the Bioship

The bioship, which a number of its inhabitants have now taken to calling The Beloved, was struck by a strange earthquake in the last six months. No one was dreadfully hurt, and very little damage was done, but some were saying the Earthquake was magical in nature.

Teunus Rebuilding

The city of Teunus, which was previously devastated by the actions of the Sepulchre, is starting to rebuild with the help of the Mayor of Perano, Antonio Vestris. Much labour and resources are flowing into the ruined city, and in time it should stand proudly next to its former self.

Stalemate at Leone

With the Wetlands troops finally joining the war, and with the gallant efforts of Lorenzo, Ithobal, and The Silver Pikes, amongst others, the Orrin advance has been stopped at the trench dividing Leone. Some whisper that the Orrin army might even have been pushed back, if it wasn't for Esharian military supply ships being raided.


  • No one has seen the queen since the explosion, some say she didn't make it.
  • Ashenya Toqare says her festival is to help people, but she's actually making an enormous profit for her own coffers.
  • “Halmid? That line's as thin as gossamer, these days. Nah, if you want to see true leadership, take a good hard look at the Diite. Yes, that one in particular… no, not the Waterlily, for gods' sakes….”
  • The Orrin Capital of Allacasta has been burned to the ground.
  • Khawla Marchetti designed the outfits for Monte de Fabio Diite's wedding, the rumours about her can't be true!
  • Ernesto Barrato betrayed Esharia to Orrium.
  • After recent actions by the Diite the people of the wetlands are more and more falling in line behind House Vestris.
  • There's a lot of screaming in Hashat at the moment…
  • The Gods don't change, they're unchanging and we've been wrong all along. When we think we change our Understanding of them, we just change ourselves.
  • Whatever happened to House Gabrielli?
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