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Turn 5 News

The Dead Stir

The ship, which in the last six months came through the Second Breach, has begun to move. Due to the efforts of Commodoro Gualtieri, the sphere which previously hung below it has been detached and sunk into the Qeltan sea. Following this, it has moved at a languorous but steady pace in the direction of the Heights. It has not made any aggressive actions, but the following declaration has been felt across Esharia and beyond.



There was an assassination attempt on our Queen. Sadly, whilst a vigilant citizen managed to interrupt the attempt, they were only partly successful. Enough of the poison had already been drunk to make the Queen incurably ill. She has been examined by many doctors, who all agree that she has approximately 1 year to live.

Priest of the Bioship Missing

Priest of the Bioship, Daieni Morelli has now been missing for many weeks. When his quarters were searched, all that was found was a note claiming sympathies for the Esharian Reformers, and alliance with their struggle. What this all means, however, is yet to be discovered.

The Death of a Clown, and of an Empress

The Orrin spy Uberto Volpe - otherwise known as the jester, Gallimaufry - has finally be brought to justice. He was apprehended by Abra Gualtieri, and Antonio Sorini, as he was stealing away from the peace talks with the Orrin Empress, as well as Magdalana. In the ensuing chaos all three who were attempting to flee were slain, and according to reports, Gallimaufry killed the Empress of Orrium with his final, laughing breath.

During this fight, a large number of fires were started through Hashat, and they are not fully put out yet.

Vittorio Nascosto and Lorenzo 'The Waterlily' Diite, Laughing Stocks

A series of shows by the renowned playwright Prospero Fontana have purported to show the dark side of Vittorio Nascosto, Reformer in the Palace, and the famous dancer Lorenzo 'The Waterlily' Diite. Vittorio has been skewered as Traitorous, Uncreative, Rude, and Conniving; while the Waterlily is portrayed as Slimy, Cowardly, and Fratricidal. These plays have been a great success throughout the Royalty, and these two are household names far and wide, for all the wrong reasons.

House Farnese Disgraced

Leopold Farnese has been witnessed live across all of Esharia confessing to some of the most heinous crimes imaginable. Primary among these are their actions against House Gabrielli, whom they painted as traitors in a scheme to steal their wealth.

Turmoil in the Heights

Reports from the Heights indicate a drastically changed power dynamic after Anatolia Carvelli conquered most of the region using weapons that reduced entire battalions to dust. The Morelli have reportedly fallen back to Stormhalt in the face of this threat, with many claiming that Carvelli is now the de facto Grand Duchess.

The Dragonfly Dead!

The Dragonfly, masked hero of Esharia, saviour of its streets, bane of criminals everywhere, is reported to have met an untimely demise in mysterious circumstances. Nobody is quite sure how but one thing is certain - the vigilante hero is no more.

The Beloved Flies

The bioship that has, for almost the past three years, been growing in the Wetlands near the city of Perano has finally taken to flight. Those who saw the maiden flight report that it took place under the watchful eye of the Carnevale, and that the surface of the Beloved seems to shimmer and change as you look at it.

Orrin War

Through a combination of Ithobal's noble sacrifice, the Silver Pikes fighting on gallantly in their name, and Lorenzo's logistical expertise, the Orrin forces have been pushed back to near the border of Leone.

Martial Law

Commodoro Abra Gualtieri has begun a campaign of ruthless military suppression in the Capital, turning the guns of the military against rioters, monstrosities, and those who disagree with his methods alike. It is looking very much like he is holding the Capital in an iron fist, and there are some who are levelling the charges of mutiny and treason against him.

Di Greco - Heretics!

The Council of Priests have officially recognised that the Di Greco family is poisoned by heresy. Following a push for the highest punishment by Hyrum, priest of the God Below, the Council has declared all Di Greco lands forfeit. While they do not have the means to enforce this themselves, it is a strong signal to those who may wish to profit from that which Di Greco Industries holds, themselves.

Diites Now (almost certainly) Less Treasonous

Speaking of Lorenzo, he has been chosen and ratified as the Grand Magnate of the Wetlands. There is much hope that he will be less treasonous than the last one.

Prospero Fontana In Gory Masterpiece

Prospero Fontana's latest hit involved his wings being torn off live on stage! It was a grim, commanding spectacle that earned rave reviews as well as great concern. The star playwright's door is reported to be near blocked with flowers. Additionally, it has been made clear in a series of Signal interviews that Fontana will not, in fact, be wedding Cece De Fabio Diite.

Proxy Votes Outlawed

The Council of Priests have voted to prevent the use of proxy votes, in light of new communication techniques, in order to prevent corruption and the centralisation of power.

Catalina Vindicated!

Catalina Nadasy, who had previously been reported as being recorded engaging in torture with Ernesto Barrato has been cleared on any such stain in the majority public image. Following further investigations by the Signal it has been discovered that her involvement in said act was faked.

Dr Dolce Dead!

The murderous dentist Dr Dolce has been brought to justice, cut down just outside the Coach Inn in the Plains. It may take many years for the fear he and his followers inspired to fade from the memories and nightmares of those close to his victims, with many permanently scarred with a phobia of dentists.

Peace Secured

It appears that a number of Esharians, using the Orrin Empress as leverage, have managed to secure peace for our time. Apparently a declaration of the end of the war was signed with the help of the Signal, stating that there shall be peace between Orrium and Esharia. It is unknown how news of the death of the Orrin Empress will affect this agreement.

Plains Invaded

A Orrin naval ship has landed off the coast of Esharia and has begun attacking and fortifying towns and villages across the Plains. Reports indicate that forces under the control of Grand Duke Magno Toqare are currently moving to intercept the invasion party. Considering the recent peace agreements between Orrium and Esharia, there is widespread worry that major action by either side could reignite the war.

Fleet United Against The Sepulchre

With confirmation that the latest ship to arrive in our skies does indeed carry lifeforms known as the Sepulchre, a number of Esharians have liaised with the Captains of the Fleet, and secured their support in the inevitable confrontation.

Commodoro Coup Contained!

Abra Gualtieri attempted a coup in the capital. Although unsuccessful in taking over the country, he has imposed martial law in the capital and has been slaughtering peasants, refugees, and bystanders left and right.


  • Did you hear? Generva Diite was assassinated!
  • People say that just as the bioships change form, people are also beginning to metamorphose… into animals. Beware, the curse appears to be contagious.
  • The Diites smell funny
  • Don't talk to the Waterlily, apparently he's ever so grumpy about being a completely useless assassin.
  • Ewww, the Lady of Cats has worms.
  • The tunnels under the Heights are incredibly deadly - don't go in there if you value your life.
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