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Turn 6 News

The End of the Sepulchre

The great ship that was known to contain the bulk of the Sepulchre has been destroyed. After Commodoro Gualtieri attacked it over the Qeltan sea, the orb which hung below it was detached and fell into said sea. From there it travelled to the Heights to try to recover the one which originates from our world, and is reportedly the source of all magic. They were stopped by a grand armada of the Esharian Navy and the ships of the Fleet, though the Esharian bioship, the Beloved, was nowhere to be seen. A grand battle took place on many levels, including a strike team which attacked the very core of the ship itself.

However during the battle a weapon, that is supposed to have been built by Anatolia Carvelli, was turned upon the Fleet and destroyed the Lifegiver, the ship which houses the Bloom. This was not the first Fleet ship destroyed in the crisis, and the Vessel which houses the SHADEs was destroyed in the first engagement. The Sepulchre ship was able to bore through the mountain, down to the core of magic itself, before being stopped, and crashing into Carvelli's supergun as it fired for a second time. Both were obliterated, and there is now a bore hole through one of the mountains in the Heights.

Thanks from all of Esharia, if not the world, must be passed to those brave souls who confronted this destructive menace.

Even More Bloom In The Heights

Following the crashing of the Lifegiver into the Heights, there are a number of stranded Bloom: those who survived the vicious attack and subsequent crash. They are currently trying to find passage with other members of the Fleet or, failing that, they will have to find some way to remain in Esharia, and around the Qeltan sea.

Jaco Scalbi Imprisoned

The duel between Jaco Scalbi and Florizel Diite ended explosively, with Alfieri taking a sword to the chest to save his young master's life. Eventually, Scalbi was dragged away to prison, where he perished a week later.

Royal Marriage

Queen Ciara Halmid has been married a second time. Her communion with Arianna Vestris, of Perano, was celebrated in the recent weeks. A public, but traditional and simple, ceremony took place in one of the wings of the Palace, and overseen by Chiedo Luzzada, Priest of the Palace. The wedding was without incident, and reportedly organised by prolific picnicker Ashenya Toqare.

"Democracy Day"

Jaco Scalbi and the so-called Dragons of Esharia's final attempt to overthrow the monarchy was stopped by Commodoro Abra Gualtierri of the Esharian navy, and Balthazar Rise of the Honest Coin mercenary company (the latter being employed by unnamed benefactors). The Dragons were killed to the last, and many are calling the day of the battle “Democracy Day”. Feelings are mixed on the subject, with many seeing the dragons as martyrs.

End of the Reformation?

Whilst there are still those who cling to the preaching of the Reformation, the majority of citizens have seen the light and been lead back to tradition by Hyrum, Priest of the God Below. Irina Kal has left Esharia, in the hopes of having better luck elsewhere.

Barrel Theatre burns to the ground

A grand finale performance at the Barrel Theatre left countless injured and many dead. Notable casualties were Monte de Fabio and the Carnevale member Ku.

Rise of the Gabrielli

House Gabrielli who were once falsely accused of treason have been aquited of any supposed crimes and reinstated in society. A new statue of Francesco Gabrielli has been built to comemorate this.

What Has Become Of 'Great House Carvelli'

Anatolia Carvelli, she who a mere six months ago stood moments away from holding the whole of the Heights under her unopposed control has had it all slip away. Due to the actions of a few who held sway over some populace of the Heights, notably the Clades and Anatolia's own mercenary forces, the iron grip became more like supple bronze. The impact of the Sepulchre ship directly into Carvelli and her headquarters was the final nail in the coffin.

Orrium Leaves The Plains

The Orrin forces in the Plains have withdrawn and headed home. It is said this is thanks both to diplomatic efforts by a number of notables, and also to an impressive display of martial skill in a contest of champions.

Grand Duke Magno Toqare Dead - New Heir Named

It has been confirmed that Grand Duke Magno Toqare has died while competing in a highly dangerous hoverboard race through Hashat. It is said that he unfortunately fell from his board after completing a spectacular leap over a two story building. The Grand Duke will always be remembered for his fierce passion and determination in the execution of his duties. Pending her marriage to Jacopo Toqare, Lisabetta Della Quattro Torre has been named as the Toqare heir. Will this sudden change in management affect the relative stability only just reached in the Plains?

Orrium Leaves A Lot Of Places Actually

The Orrin have finally been driven out of Leone. Not only that, but they have been driven out of all the client states, and back into their own borders. This impressive achievement was made possible by Abra Gualtieri, in concert with the Silver Pikes, Alessandra Diite, and many troops.


  • Anatolia Carvelli: Betrayed humanity. Last seen being engulfed by a fireball as the Sepulchre ship crashed into her giant laser cannon.
  • Magno Toqare: Died in hoverboarding accident
  • Alfieri: Nobly gave his life for his master.
  • Jaco Scalbi: Died of a heart attack a week after being jailed.
  • Monte de Fabio Diite Killed in murder suicide by wife.
  • Ku: See above.


  • Not only is Silvio Cos untrustworthy, worse: he's boring.
  • The Queen is looking better than ever.
  • We would have been so much better off without the Fleet, look what they've done to us!
  • Have you considered getting a SHADE? It's great for you!
  • Grand Magnate Lorenzo was a supporter of Luca Diite and plans to continue his plans to take the throne.
  • The Cladespeople know - magic is the gift of Skanaster, magic is worship. The word spreads through the Heightsfolk.
  • Don't you think Arianna Vestris would make a good ruler?
  • I'm actually going to miss the fleet.
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