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GM note: This is an OC page for discussion, testing wiki syntax, general silliness, and just about anything else. It is not constantly moderated by GMs, and nothing written here should be considered IC knowledge.


The rest of your ramblings...


Aaaaaaaaaargh I NEVER get to call FIRST

Dammit dammit dammit I wanted to be second….

Not even third ? :( :( :(

Lotta continua!

This page claimed in the name of the people of the Qeltan Sea! Neither Orrium nor Esharia but inter-cosmological guild socialism!

The F5ing Begins Once More

[ F5 ] So very ⌘+R rn. Eeeeee!

Shipping Forecast

Too early to start speculating?

  • Probably not, and since when has accuracy bothered us before :P
  • I consider this pairing fairly unlikely: Ashenya/Madelena…

We need to consider more ship shipping… after all that baby bioship must have come from somewhere… Post your ship shipping speculation below.

if anyone ships my child with another bioship they better come talk to me about marriage proposals first LOVE ANACLETA DIITE

Poor neglected shipping corner….

  • Dragonpie: Magpie/Dragonfly
  • That damnable fondness: Florizel/Callocci
  • I could have danced all night: Florizel's retainer/ Callocci
  • Triangle completionism: Florizel/ Florizel's retainer
  • As You Like It, but worse: Florizel/Prospero
  • Totally Official Canon, 100%: The Dragonfly/ Prospero
  • It's Crisis all over again: The Dragonfly/ Callocci
  • Two for joy: Alfieri/Florizel
  • Six Feet Under: Hyrum/Yasmine Sayadi
  • The Mane Event: Abra Gualtieri/ Silvio Cos
  • Study buddies, AKA Least rough bit of rough on the side ever: Ursa Bernardo/Anacleta
  • As long as you're mine: Bella Ciao/ Silvio Cos
  • Titanic_Breaks_In_Two.jpg: Prospero/Cece
  • Ruff and Tumble: Gallimaufry/Prospero
  • AnaDaien (“anodyne”)(Anodying, Anodead…): Anacleta/Daieni
  • Blood Money: Ku/Monte
  • This Machine Kills Fascists: Bella Ciao / 071017
  • What a Wonderful Phrase: Fortuna/Fontana
  • What could possibly go wrong: Aurelio/Penoro/Valerio/Antonio Sorini(/The Beloved?)
  • In loving memory: Valerio Diite/Aurelio Scordato
  • 'messed up family BUT EVERYTHING BAD IS TOTALLY MY FAULT' club: Aurelio Scordato/Arianna Vestris

Funny name translations

  • Morelli: “teacher for me”-Hebrew
  • Florizel: “afraid of singers”
  • Flori Zel: “Flowers zeal”- Romanian
  • Vale rio: “River valley”- Portuguese (strangely apt, since he's a Wetlander)
  • Dii te: “Gods”- Latin (no comment)
  • More lli: “More linen”- Catalan
  • Toq are: “This is it”- Bulgarian
  • Ernesto - Ernest/Serious (Portugeus) - Clearly Ernest
  • Penoro: “I'm sorry” - Esperanto (purely coincidental)
  • Scordato: “Forgotten; out of tune” - Italian
  • Luca: “Luca (Diite)” — Who'd have thought

Out of context OC quotes

GM1): Rocks fall, everybody dies
Mike2): Rocks fall, all of Escharia is now underground, I become the most powerful PC
GM: That's cheating

Idan, to Aleaha: “Why do you always find the worst NPC factions and jump right into bed with them?”

“The Diites have their own problems to deal with: the Diites.”

Aleaha: “The day has come where I’m replying to Gallimaufry because it’s easier than Cece”

Rowan: 'oh no', about 10 times over the course of a conversation.

Leah: Commodoro Gualtieri is weird.

Cynthia: I look forward to seeing the game getting more heroic.
Lizzy: Yeah, superheroic.

Idan: why is everything on fire? Even the fire's on fire!

“Are you going to join the winning side, then?”
“Winning side in what?”
“The multiverse.”
“The mutiverse isn't a competition.”
“Oh yes it is.”

Andrew: While you're all becoming supervillains, I'm just becoming the Wicked Witch of the West or something.

Multiple players3): I was just trying to be useful/helpful.

out of context IC quotes which may not be entirely accurate

Antonio Vestris: you strike me as, Shall we say, a bit innocent to be involved in this.
Lisabetta: only a little bit
Antonio: what?
Lisabetta, explanatorily: not all the way through.

Person: I see rumours of your death were greatly exaggerated
Jaco Scalbi, OC: Everyone is so original today.

Ashenya Toqare: the peasants are angry that they've run out of wine– I personally don't see why they can't just drink brandy, but there you have it

Valentina Gabrielli: And the wedding will be so perfect and beautiful-
Sikar Gabrielli: And my heart is broken into bleeding shards forever-

Alessandro: Three orphans in a trenchcoat does not a monarch make!

GALATEA: You are above even The Boss. I hereby award you the title of Big Boss. You are a true patriot.

The Speaker: At least no-one is going to betray your species to the Sepulchre.
Anatolia: Betray humanity to the Sepulchre, you say?

Catalina: [explains her plans for becoming Viktor Frankenstein and revivifying her son. Lis and Sorrow listen empathetically, nodding and agreeing]
Lis: [consults with Sorrow, turns to Toni]: She isn't right in the head.
Sorrow: [agrees enthusiastically]

Lorenzo: Can you tell me who it is?
Valerio: That depends, are you going to try to kill them?
Lorenzo: I make no promises.

Gallimaufry's Rhyming Corner

Here's a chance for those of wit
To talk in rhyming verse a bit
If you've a rhyme, don't let it fester
Come and play at being jester!

I'll take this chance to play your game
Though Monte may express great shame.
But I know why he loathes this jest:
He knows his poems are second-best!

While I've not done so for an age,
It's time for me the stage.
Though normally I'd just fall flat,
Were I to don the jester’s hat.

Presented Without Comment


How shady can I get? Literal shadow? Planning to bring a small speaker to play the jaws theme I need a mask One terrifying enough to work and instill fear

What about a pallid one? I hear they grow on trees now : )

*grins helpfully*

Secret GM Notes on Bloom Philosophy



i.ebayimg.com_images_g_jbqaaoswa_vac9j6_s-l1600.jpg today i walked past a man wearing this shirt and immediately lost my shit and felt SO GUILTY

ALSO Presented Without Comment

Two households, both alike in dignity,

In fair Esharia, where lays our scene,

From ancient grudge break to new mutiny,

Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.

From forth the fatal loins of these two foes

A pair of star-cross'd lovers make new life:

Within their land the bioship yet grows,

Though plagued by poison, and politic strife.

The fearful passage of their planned out love,

And the continuance of their parents' rage,

Which, but their children's end, nought could remove,

Is now the three hours' traffic of our stage;

The which if you with patient ears attend,

What here shall miss, our toil shall strive to mend.


Oh wow this is going to be amazing :O !

Marvel at how Anacleta and Daieni are still not married, despite working only towards this goal– star-crossed in th'extreme

ANACLETA: Ah, dear Daieni, Why art thou yet so fair? shall I believe That unsubstantial death is amorous, And that the lean abhorred monster keeps Thee here in dark to be his paramour? For fear of that, I still will stay with thee; And never from this palace of dim night Depart again: here, here will I remain With flow'rs that are thy chamber-maids; O, here Will I set up my everlasting life, And shake the yoke of inauspicious stars From this world-wearied flesh.

MORE Things Presented Without Comment

“Was this the face that dimmed a thousand stars
And burnt the topless towers of Teunus?

Oh, thou art fairer than the evening air
Clad in the beauty of a thousand moons;
Brighter art thou than the flaming suns
When they sink behind the burning shore…“

“Stop this, Cristoforo. No. I'm not sending her poetry. Stop. No, not even if we all come back alive.”

Even More Things Presented Without Comment

Icarus in Love

I loved you as
Icarus loved
The sun -
Too close,
Too much.

Totally Stolen to give to Magno

you fit into me
like a hook into an eye

a fish hook
an open eye

Dispatches From Turnsheet Writing

What's going through my head as I write a certain back-from-the-dead action:

Oh, god, most depressing musical ever. Saw it and then wanted to go see something cheerful, like Titus Andronicus. The only good thing was I got to see Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff before they were famous.

Highly Relevant and Not At All Hypothetical Academia

(presented by Daieni, Daieni, Daieni, Aurelio, Penoro…)

'Consider next the relations between the resulting people and the woman I love. I can assume that, since she loves me, she will love them both. But she could not give to both the undivided attention that we now give to each other.

'In these and other ways the lives of the resulting people may not be quite as good as mine. This might justify my regarding division as being not quite as good as ordinary survival. But it could not justify regarding division as being much less good, or as being as bad as death. And we should note that this reasoning ignores the fact that these two lives, taken together, would be twice as long as the rest of mine.

'Instead of regarding division as being somewhat worse than ordinary survival, I might regard it as being better. The simplest reason would be the one just given the doubling of the years to be lived. I might have more particular reasons. Thus there might be two life-long careers both of which I strongly want to pursue. I might strongly want both to be a novelist and to be a philosopher. If I divide, each of the resulting people could pursue one of these careers. And each would be glad if the other succeeds. Just as we can take pride and joy in the achievements of our children, each of the resulting people would take pride and joy in the other's achievements.'

–'Why our identity is not what matters' by Derek Parfit

Penoro's Tarot Corner

Headcanon: Tarot cards exist and Penoro likes them. Aurelio assigned people cards as a sort of code in his note.

Per some people's request I'm posting the tarot cards assigned to various characters (mostly PC with some NPCs. It does not contain every character, neither does it necessarily reflect characters correctly because it was mostly done in the first two sessions with some exceptions and… well, there were misunderstandings.

The Fool = the Fleet
The Fool Reversed = Gallimaufry

The Magician = Diego Aidi
The Magician Reversed = Mada Avdali

The High Priestess = Irina Kal

The Empress = Orrin Empress
The Empress Reversed = Ciara Assetti Halmid

The Emperor Reversed = Jaco Scalbi

The Hierophant = Hyrum
The Hierophant Reversed = Soren Diite

The Lovers = Lisabetta Della Quattro Torre

The Chariot = Balthazar Rise
The Chariot Reversed = Commodoro Abra Gualtieri

Strength = Carlotta Toqare (mid game reassignment)

The Hermit = Nicolo Maffeo Brekshama
The Hermit Reversed = Vittorio Nascosto

Wheel of Fortune (Reversed) = Ernesto Barrato

Justice = Alessandro Boccaccio
Justice Reversed = Antonio Sorini

The Hanged Man (Reversed) = Aurelio Scordato

Death = Catalina Nadasy

Temperance = Paolo Dolce (This turned out to be the biggest misunderstanding)

The Devil = Ku

The Tower = Anatolia Carvelli (later assignment)
The Tower Reversed = The Beloved

The Star = Prospero Fontana
The Star Reversed = Khawla Marchetti

The Moon = Ieryn Maria

The Sun = Chiedo Luzzada
The Sun Reversed = Zotto Tarqel

Judgement = Bella Ciao

The World = Arianna Vestris (Early reassignment)
The World Reversed = Penoro Scordato

For the set cards the reversal is no longer counted separately. The assignment often contains both the upright and reversed meaning.

Wand – Vestris
King = Antonio Vestris
Queen = Vittoria Vestris
Page = Arianna Vestris

Cup - Diite
King = Luca
Queen = Macro
Knight = Alessandra
Page = Riccardo
Ace = Monte de Fabio
2 = Lorenzo the Waterlily
3 = Florizel & Alfieri
4 = Generva
7 = Cece
8 = Valerio
9 = Lorenzo
10 = Anacleta

Sword – Morelli/the Heights
Queen = Grand Duchess Ciliano Morelli
Page = Daieni Morelli
5 = Duchess Alessandra Bianchi
6 = Camilla de Greco

Pentacles – Toqare/the Plains
Queen = Ashenya Toqare
Page = Carlotta Toqare
3 = Silvio Cos & Lauretta Calloci & Ursa Bernardo

1) who can identify themselves if they want to
2) Hyrum
3) you know who you are
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